Our Expertise

The members of Southern Group of Companies have requisite background in all aspects of Interior through the years and have developed a keen awareness to foster new ideas and attitudes in modern development in all kinds of Interior Projects. The on-site team consists of Managers, Site Engineer, and Supervisors etc., all of whom are well-qualified and experienced in the field of Interiors. Ours is a dedicated team of professionals, rich in experience and urged by a strong belief in only “QUALITY”. Nothing satisfies our employees like adherence to strict quality standards. We always try our best to meet the international standards. Our team has completed projects which are standing evidence of our competence and speak volumes about the quality of the projects, which comply with the highest standards. All our employees have been trained to follow these standards meticulously. Our projects stand out as ergonomic testimonies to the victory of man over nature-structures that have been conceived and create by minds in constant search of new methods, ideas, applications and solutions. Because we believe, that today's solutions will not be adequate tomorrow.

The planners, designers and interior specialists at Southern Group have proved their competence and innovative skills, driving them to seek to build and not to yield as a team of professionals. We have accomplished this by fusing tremendous engineering knowledge with innovative skills, harnessing men and materials to the interior projects. We take pride in keeping ourselves updated with the latest technology while being associated with leading organizations for the various accessories provided in each of their projects. Personal attention is given to each of the items used in all their projects ensuring high quality of fittings and fixtures with timely delivered of end product.

Why Us


We take pride in standing behind the quality of work we deliver.

Client Focused

Everything we deliver is of utmost value to our clients.


Supporting continuous growth and improvement


Uncompromising standards of integrity and ethical conduct.

Pride & Respect

For our customers, for each other and all our stakeholders

Team Work

As a family, we ask for help; and help when asked.


Providing unimaginable creative outcome of what was expected.


Delivering the projects on-time or ahead of promised delivery dates.